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The Shamrock Advantage:

  • Quality

    • Shamrock proppant is American made, thoroughly tested, and consistently outperforms the competing products of similar or even higher densities.
    • Shamrock was developed in its own full-service testing lab. Shamrock proppants ensures consistent top-level performance and to develop new product lines that fit your specific needs.

  • Experience

    • Shamrock has a strong management team loaded with ceramics manufacturing experience.
    • Our COO has developed, tested, and manufactured proppants around the world for over 10 years.
    • Our executive team has over 60 years of experience manufacturing high-quality ceramic spheres for use in the hydrocarbon processing industry. Its ceramic bed support spheres were selected as "Best in Class" by the world's largest petroleum refining company.
    • Shamrock's raw material mining and processing facilities are ISO 9001 certified and have 50 years of operating experience.

  • Value

    • Shamrock owns the raw materials reserves used to manufacture our proppant.
    • Shamrock's manufacturing facility is centrally located in mid-Missouri with excellent access to both rail transportation and major trucking routes.
    • Shamrock eliminates your worries about escalating global transportation costs, fluctuations in currency, and port delays.
    • This is how we can bring you the outstanding product you need at the lowest possible cost, time after time!

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